History of Dental Implants Wayne, NJ

Want to know more about the history of mini dental implants Wayne, NJ? Dental implants are needed by many today, and patients often get to bid adieu to toothaches after a dental implant. However, did you ever wonder about the history of mini dental implants in Wayne, NJ?

wayne in New Jersey has a long-standing history of mini dental implants. Dr. Victor I. Sendax is the one who is famous for the popularity of this branch of dentistry. He was a pioneer in this field and in fact, in his search for dental prosthetics, he found that he was able to fuse titanium alloy to the jawbone and that went a long way in stabilizing the teeth.

This later on was taken a step further by Dr. Ron Bulard. He designed mini dental implants. These implants not only had the advantage of retaining the stability, but it was also easier to accomplish; and was less invasive for the patients.

How have dental implants changed over the years?

The history of mini dental implants Wayne, NJ is an exciting one. These mini dental implants are not only effective but also long lasting. Dental Implant Dentists are leading dentists in their field. Using these procedures, patients not only are helped physically but their confidence returns as well. This is especially true for those who are ashamed of talking or smiling due to the state of their teeth. Thanks to mini dental implants these patients need not suffer physically and emotionally as well.

How can you benefit?

Mini dental implants improve the smiles of patients. In addition, crowns and dentures are fixed. This is done better than other earlier methods. Single teeth can also be replaced easily as well as quickly through mini dental implants. It is also used for stabilizing loose dentures. You get to have beautiful smiles that you will be proud of and others will love in you. Dentistry isn't just about ensuring that your teeth are as they should be and help you to do all your daily chores easily, it is also about ensuring how beautiful your smile can be. Dental Implant Dentists can help you have a smile like no other, even after a dental implant.