Standard Dental Implants vs. Mini Dental Implants

If you are in need of dental implants, then you are aware that the battle between standard dental implants vs. mini dental implants in Wayne, NJ is a debate that has been going on for several years. There are a variety of ways for you to get back your beautiful smile, but typically, there are two popular options; standard dental implants vs. mini dental implants in Wayne, NJ.

The differences between standard dental implants and mini dental implants go deeper than mere size. While they both have the ability to replace missing teeth and give you your smile back and make eating much more comfortable, they each have their own specific purpose. Because they have been used to replace missing teeth for years, most people have heard of standard dental implants. But, with all the advancements in dental technology, the mini dental implants can be used in patients who cannot have the standard dental implant procedure. Regardless of the time that you choose, both kinds of dental implants are very useful.

Mini dental implants are quite similar to regular implants, both in terms of their function and use. But, as the name suggests, mini dental implants are smaller than their standard counterparts and it is for this reason that they can be used in ways that standard dental implants cannot. For instance, mini implants have the ability to stabilize a loose denture or to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

When having a debate about standard dental implants vs. mini dental implants in Wayne, New Jersey, they're also financial factors that must be taken into consideration. For instance, mini dental implants are the cheaper of the two. Plus, the procedure is often easier and quicker. This is because mini implants are thinner and smaller, which means that the procedure requires less bone and it is less invasive as a result. These advantages have made mini dental implants a little bit more popular than their counterparts, although they are of the same quality.

The argument over standard dental implants vs. mini dental implants in Wayne, New Jersey will continue to be waged because there are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Deciding on the best option for you is dependent upon your specific needs and, to make this choice easier for you, Dental Implant Dentists will give you the expert advice you need to help you figure out the optimal choice.

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